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A creative local and hands-on Team

At Design n Solutions, we help you achieve a high-quality project for your special event or your business, or your own project, no matter the size of the job, we want to get things done and exceed your expectations.


Wood Products

Our Story

We are a couple of creative and innovative entrepreneurs who have been working in engineering design and digital marketing. After dedicating more than 25 years of combined experience designing from complex machines to different crafts and marketing products, we found Design n Solutions to create and develop people and business projects to satisfy their needs.

We love crafts and let the imagination fly, and with our skills and detail-orientated working style, we are here to bring customised and personalised laser cut and engraved products and solutions in various materials such as paper, card, timber, hardwood, acrylic, fabric, leather, rubber, plastic, stone, glass, and others, in a high-quality standard.

Our Clients

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