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In order to laser cut or engrave any designs we require a VECTOR file of your artwork. 

Vector files are files that are scalable without distortion or loss of quality. Vector files can be created in illustration software such as Corel Draw or Illustrator. We accept SVG, EPS or vectorized PDFs. 
Preferably .ai .eps or .dxf format which are the formats that our laser cutting software understands.

If you are not able to provide a vector file our design department will be able to prepare the graphics necessary for our laser cutting software. Just fill out the GET A QUOTE form with the details and we will give you an estimate on your project.

If you have your vector artwork ready, or any photos or sketches of your idea for reference, please upload them HERE for a quote. If you need to upload multiple files please zip them before uploading the file.


Please fill this information before uplaoding your file.

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