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At Design N Solutions, we provide a wide range of materials such as wood, acrylic, and plastics to achieve a staple sign for your business. With a laser cutting bed of 900 mm x 600 mm and a workshop full of high-quality tools, even the most detailed sign will look better than you could imagine.

Reverse Engraved Acrylics

Reverse Engraved Acrylics to Back Paint Filling

Engraved double layer acrylics

Cut and Engraved Double Layer Acrylics

Wood and Acrylic

Wood and Acrylic Layered Signs


We serve a wide variety of industries, and we know the importance of long-lasting identification products. Because of this, we choose the best materials available in the market. We use enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable colour foils, high resistance to outdoor and indoor materials, in various colours, metals, plastics, and acrylics. All our products for the outdoors have weatherable and moisture resistant properties. We use the latest innovative material solutions suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Laser Etched Metal

Laser Engraved Metal and Aluminium

Engraved Double Layer Acrylics

Engraved Double Layer Acrylics

Metallic Brushed Acrylic

Engraved Metallic Brushed Acrylic

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